About me

Wherever you are in the world,
THANK YOU for joining me on this journey.

My name is Irene Sharp and I'm the founder of Come Grill With Me and co-founder of Grill Sisters which I run with my sister Desi from Healthy Cook 4 Champions.

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my family and lead a busy but wonderful life being a mother and wife. My day job can be very stressful and cooking outdoors is a way I unwind and relax. I've been cooking since I was 5 and grilled my first octopus at 10!
Yes, it has been that long!

This website is an extension of my Come Grill With Me Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & Facebook pages. I commenced posting on social media a few years ago so my son could have a record of all the food I've cooked for our family and friends when he is older.

I create all my recipes and content, manage my social media and website, photography & videography and my merchandise range. I've been actively involved in designing my own merchandise which I'm very excited about. One of which are my Come Grill With Me BBQ Socks! The most comfortable socks you'll ever wear!

Proudly born and bred in Australia, I am fortunate to have access to incredible seafood and meat. It is a privilege to be able to showcase a few of the things that make Australia such a beautiful country.

Come Grill With ME!
Let's cook outdoors with passion and flair together.

Love, Irene XO





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