I have a cookbook...
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I’ve got exciting news!

I’ve just released a cookbook with my sister Desi. Together, we’re the Grill Sisters and our first ever cookbook ‘GRILL SISTERS GUIDE TO LEGENDARY BBQ’ is now available around the world!

Join Grill Sisters Irene Sharp and Desi Longinidis as they teach you how to fire up juicy, tender, competition-worthy BBQ right in your own backyard. Whether you're a grilling amateur or a smoking pro, this is one BBQ experience you don't want to miss.

Start your weekend off right by grilling up some Ridiculously Good Chilli Espresso Steak or Portuguese Pork Loin with Peri Peri Sauce. Need some good grub for a dinner party? Impress your guests with a classic that's guaranteed to please, like the Flame-Grilled Filet with Mushroom Wine Sauce, or a succulent Moroccan Lamb Rack with Red Wine Pomegranate Sauce.

Get your fried food fill and whip up some Finger-Licking Fried Chicken with Creamy Mustard Sauce, or lay out the nice table cloth for a fancy feast of Grilled Lobster Tails with Saffron Butter. With chapters for all of your favourite proteins, plus exciting options for sides, salads and desserts to serve alongside them, Desi and Irene have you covered with a mouth-watering meal for every event – whether it's a night in with your family or the backyard BBQ of the century.

Grab your favourite beverage and click those tongs – it's time to get grilling with the Grill Sisters.




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