• Beef Chuck Roast

    When I’m wanting shredded beef, my go to cut is a Chuck Roast because of its rich beef flavour. These are my top tips for cooking a low and slow Chuck Roast in a kettle BBQ using charcoal.

  • Beef Hammer (Beef Shank)

    If you're looking for a BBQ WOW factor to impress your friends, this is it! I love turning a humongous beef shank into tender, juicy, fall off the bone extravaganza! I use this recipe when I'm using charcoal, a kettle and have lots of time. At least 6 hours! Definitely worth the wait and my family and friends absolutely love it. Make sure you have some steamed bao buns or tacos on hand as this beef is ideal for them.  I've used an Ashburton Meats  beef shank, Firebrand BBQ lump and briquette charcoal and a Pro Smoke BBQ Kettle from Barbeques Galore.

  • Beef Rub

    Simple, easy and tasty... my recipe for the perfect Beef Rub!

  • Beef Stir Fry Cooked Outdoors On The Ziggy BBQ

    One of the many features I love about the Ziegler and Brown Triple Grill (you'll often hear it called Ziggy), is that I can transform this incredible BBQ into a gas stove top within seconds. I am a big lover of cooking outdoors and my 20 year old carbon steel woks! When I can combine these two loves during a busy work week, I'm at my happiest. Here's a quick recipe for my Beef and Veggie stir fry that many of you would have seen on my Come Grill With Me Instagram page.

  • Burger-licious! What makes the perfect burger?

    From time to time, I go on little food explorations! One of my favourites is the wonder of the BURGER!

  • Carne Asado Beef Tacos with Charred Corn and Tomato Salsa

    From the cook book that I have co-authored with my sister, ‘The Grill Sisters Guide To Legendary BBQ’.

  • Caveman Style - The Dirty Steak?

    This is the Caveman Style Method! if you're not familiar with it, you're probably saying.... "What the heck is she talking about!"

  • Cheese Stuffed Burger

    This cheese stuffed burger is also known as the JUICY LUCY burger! Definitely an American fave but is now also famous around the world, including Australia! What’s not to love….a juicy thick beef patty stuffed with cheese that oozes out the moment you take a big bite. Using American cheese is a must but if you can’t find a cheese labelled as American, Colby will also do. The cheese must be easy to melt.

  • Come Grill A Perfect Steak With Me!

    Want to know my secrets to grilling the perfect steak? Whether you're grilling a rump, ribeye or tomahawk (yes there are lots more cuts depending on your budget), keep these simple tips in mind to help serve up juicy, tender steaks your friends and family will love.

  • Grilled Bone Marrow

    Grilled Bone Marrow is easy to prepare and perfect to serve as a starter when you're entertaining carnivores! My sister Healthy Cook 4 Champions and brother in law Stan The Man Fitness Academy and always say it's full of collagen and so healthy for you! Follow my recipe below and create your own at home!

  • How To Cook BBQ Beef Short Ribs

    Follow my '10 Things To Remember For The Ultimate BBQ Beef Ribs' tips and you'll be smashing these bad boys in no time at all. Over the years and through my many beef short rib failures and success, I compiled a list that I wish I had when I smoked my first lot of beef ribs.

  • Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker Beef Short Ribs

    Who needs a BBQ restaurant when you can make my tender, juicy beef ribs at home with the new Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker that even air fry’s outdoors! Powered by electricity and flavoured with woodfire technology, I was so impressed with these big juicy ribs that were cooked and smoked in 4 hours. They probed like butter using the integrated Smart Probe and were absolutely delicious with the Basic BBQ Spice Rub from the Recipe Book that comes with the grill.

  • Reverse Seared Ribeye Steak with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Butter

    From the cook book that I have co-authored with my sister, ‘The Grill Sisters Guide To Legendary BBQ’.

  • Reverse Seared Steak!

    I often get asked how to grill the perfect steak. Whilst there are many factors to consider, it's important to look at the weight of the cut you've purchased first. In this blog post, I'll be focusing on the Reverse Sear Method which I use for steaks 400 grams (14 ounces) and above in weight.

  • Roast Beef With Red Wine Marinade

    This is my red wine marinade recipe featuring Yering Station Shiraz Viognier. As featured by Yering Station. Yering Station is Yarra Valley's first vineyard, located in the 'heart' of the Yarra Valley, only one hour’s drive from Melbourne.

  • Saucy and Sticky Beef Chuck Roast Burnt Ends

    Beef burnt ends are often called 'Poor Man's Burnt Ends' and are not burnt, despite their name. They have a scrumptious dark crust that makes them look burnt. Classic burnt ends are made from brisket which these days can be quite costly. I actually prefer using a beef chuck roast because it's packed full of flavour and doesnt take as long. My beef burnt ends are crispy, saucy, sticky and super tender morsels of goodness. The secret is allowing time! Dont attempt this recipe if you're time poor because I focus on temp with these burnt ends, not time. What I can tell you is that you'll needs at least 6 to 8 hours to achieve melt in the mouth burnt ends from start to finish.  I cook these on weekends or holidays not during the week when my day job keeps me quite busy and I dont have that many hours spare.

    For this recipe, I used a beef chuck roast from Ashburton Meats, a Pro Smoke BBQ Kettle from Barbeques Galore and a mix of briquettes and lump charcoal fuel from Firebrand BBQ. I love using that charcoal from Firebrand BBQ Charcoal because it burns long, clean and hot.

    Hope you love this recipe as much as I do. Be sure to tag me on socials when you make these. I'd love to check them out! Love, Irene XO

  • Smoked BBQ Brisket with Cherry and Shiraz Sauce

    I started smoking briskets a few years ago and at first it sure was daunting! When I'm asked what the most challenging cook has been in my BBQ journey, I always reply with the brisket. I didn't grow up eating brisket, it's something I've taken an interest to, researched, tested and cooked many get it right. In this blog I share a recipe that I created for Barbeques Galore Australia.

  • Steak With Chimichurri Sauce

    Chimichurri sauce is easy to make and will always impress your friends and family. It's fresh, bright and packed full of flavour. Within minutes you can make this delicious sauce and pair it perfectly with your next grilled steak. Check out my quick recipe below.

  • Stuffed BBQ Flank Roast 

    This stuffed BBQ flank roast is easy to prepare, inexpensive and yummy! It serves 4 to 6 people and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. If you can use chicken loops (they’re little elastic ties used for roast chicken that you buy from a butcher or online) do that as its easier. Or you can use butcher twine. A flank roast can also be cooked in an oven or air fryer. In my opinion though, a BBQ imparts a delicious chargrilled flavour to the flank.

  • Sumac Rub

    Perfect for BBQ Lamb & Beef.

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