Come Grill A Perfect Steak With Me!

Want to know my secrets to grilling the perfect steak? Whether you're grilling a rump, ribeye or tomahawk (yes there are lots more cuts depending on your budget), keep these simple tips in mind to help serve up juicy, tender steaks your friends and family will love.

1. Always allow meat to reach room temperature.

An average steak can take as little as 20 minutes.

A big 1 kg tomahawk cut can take up to 30 -45 minutes to reach room temperature.

perfect steak 01
Porterhouse Beef Cut from Ashburton Meats

2. Season your steak for at least 45 minutes

perfect steak 02Porterhouse Steak from Ashburton Meats seasoned with Barbecue Mafia The Enforcer Rub

3. Decide on which method to use.

For a thin steak, it's ok to cook it over direct heat whether you're using a gas or charcoal BBQ.

Reverse Searing is my favourite method for larger steaks when I want to achieve a medium rare result (especially ribeye and tomahawks).

What is the Reverse Sear method? It's a method which combines indirect and direct cooking. Starting with low heat and then finishing with high. For this method -

  • I use the indirect cooking set up in whichever BBQ I am using. I am for a BBQ temperature of 225f.
  • I place my raw steak 20 cms away, opposite to the charcoal.
  • I cover my BBQ with the lid and cook the steak until the internal temperature reaches 125f (50c).
  • I then give the steak a quick sear over direct heat and then rest for 5-10 mins before serving.

The steak will reach around 135f (medium rare) as it rests.

4. Buy a good digital meat thermometer and use a doneness guide.

I always cook a steak to whatever my guests preferences are, even if that's medium/well done. My preference is medium rare to really enjoy the flavour and texture of the steak.

Rare - Between 120f and 130f

Medium Rare - Between 130f and 135f

Medium - Between 140f and 150f

Well Done - Above 150f

perfect steak 04

4. To turn or not to turn?

This is a question often debated in the BBQ world.

I say YES to flipping a thick steak more than once when its cooking directly on grill grates. Why? Because you'll get a more evenly cooked steak and it will reach your preferred internal temperature faster. Try it!

I say NO to flipping a thin steak over direct heat or if using a skillet. Why? Because a thin steak (think minute steak) cooks fast and you need to achieve a nice crust. You're more likely to achieve a nice sear and crust on a thin steak by not flipping it every 30 seconds!

When I use a skillet on the BBQ, it's not often I will flip my steak more than once. A hot cast iron skillet will do the job of cooking a steak evenly and get you a tasty crust.

perfect steak 05

5. To rest or not to rest?

I like to rest my thick steaks (I'm talking 1 1/4 inch + in thickness) in foil for 5 minutes before serving. I've tested the 'no rest theory' and I really do believe an average steak needs to rest so it's juicer.

I don't always rest thin steaks but in saying that they're usually going into a sandwich and have a couple of minutes resting while I prepare it.

perfect steak 06

I would love to see your steaks on Instagram. Tag me Come Grill With Me next time you grill one. Love, Irene XO





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