Grilled Melon With Passion Fruit & Gin Syrup

Have you ever grilled a melon? I love grilling the Desapo Melon which is also known as the Piel de Sapo in Spain. It’s a sweet and juicy melon that is now also grown in Australia and found in supermarkets and green grocers.

The Desapo melon caramelises beautifully on the grill over direct heat. Served with my ‘Adults Only’ Gin & Passionfruit Syrup it’s a luscious and delicious dessert.

Grilled Melon With Citrus Gin & Honey Syrup Recipe


1/2 Desapo Melon
Juice of 1 Lime
Pulp of 2 passion fruit
2 tablespoons of honey
1 tablespoon of gin (I used Dirty Bucha Gin from BWS)
Grape seed oil to brush melon wedges


Step one - In a small bowl, add lime juice, passion fruit pulp, honey and gin. Combine well to make a syrup and set aside.

Step two - Cut the melon into wedges (leaving the skin on) and brush lightly with grape seed oil.

Step three - Preheat a gas grill to med/high or prepare a charcoal BBQ for indirect cooking.

Step four - Grill the melon wedges for 5-8 minutes, turning when grill marks are seen. Remove from grill and serve immediately drizzled with the syrup.


  • If you want a child friendly syrup, remove the gin and add the juice of half an orange.
  • Don't eat the skin.





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