How To Grill Fish Like A Boss!

With a few of my simple tips, you too can cook delicious fish that doesn't stick to the grill or fall apart - yes, like a boss or a pro or just an awesome home cook! When you're new to grilling fish it can be daunting and I get hundreds of people on Instagram and Facebook messaging me with questions and concerns around this very topic. You can apply my tips using any grill (I'm not a grill snob, I cook over fire on everything) and create beautiful meals!

1. Buy fresh fish. How can you tell your fish is fresh? The flesh should be firm and not slimy. It should smell like ocean but not have a strong fishy smell and if you're buying whole fish the eyes should be clear, not cloudy.

2. Always oil your fish not the grill! I never oil my grill. In my opinion, you get nothing but fare-ups and that's what you should try to avoid when cooking fishAlso, a nice coating of olive oil helps keep the fish moist through the grilling process.

grill fish like a boss 01Salmon Cutlets marinated with olive oil, minced garlic, dried oregano and salt.

3. Ensure your grill is pre-heated. It needs to be very hot. If you're using a gas or pellet grill, set it to medium/high and pre-heat it for 10 minutes. If you're grilling using charcoal, cook hot & fast directly over it.

grill fish like a boss 02My Grilled Rainbow Trout Fish

4. Once you've placed your fish on the grill, don't touch your fish for at least 3-4 minutes. Use a metal spatula to lift the fish slightly to see if it lifts easily off the grill. Trust your grill, when it's ready to flip you'll be able to do it easily as long as your grill is hot enough and your fish is marinated using oil. If it doesn't lift easily, leave it a further minute before trying again.

I always grill directly onto the grill. The only time I wrap fish in foil is when I've marinated it with honey and/or soy sauce or if the fish is very delicate.

5. If you're new to grilling fish don't be afraid of using a meat thermometer. Grilled fish will be ready to come off the grill once it reaches an internal temp of 130f (55c). For a standard size fish fillet, I usually allow 4 minutes a side (total of 8 minutes) on the grill. For a whole fish (Snapper etc), I allow 15 minutes a side (total of 30 minutes).

grill fish like a boss 03 

I would love to see your grilled fish creations. Feel free to tag me on Instagram Come Grill With Me so I can check them out. Love, Irene XO





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