International Pizza Day! YES! It's a thing!

I must confess that I'm not a huge fan of International 'Food of some type' Day. Except when it comes to PIZZA!! I could probably eat pizza daily if given the chance, sadly I don't (wish there was an emoji I could use for a very, very sad face). However, I am eating it for the second weekend in a row only because I have a new wood fired pizza oven in my collection made by Authentic Pizza Ovens that is so easy to use.

My beautiful modern new pizza oven is called Maximus. It's mobile, cooks pizzasin 3 minutes and is handmade in Portugal. I love that I can be cooking in it in less than 25 minutes! It even comes with a peel and gorgeous Portuguese ceramic dish that I've already cooked lots in...A big Snapper Fish, roast lamb, vegies and lots more!

Once the oven cools down, I give it a clean by removing all the wood that turned into charcoal during my cook. I brush away any remaining remnants of the previous cook and give it a dry wipe down with an old rag. I then place some smaller pieces of wood (I've been using Red Gum lately) in a criss cross position in the middle of the oven, so it's ready for my next wood fire cook up. It's literally took me 5 minutes to light my fire today because I was pre-prepared.

Before cooking in the oven, it needs curing. It's such a simple process of heating the oven up and keeping it around 200c for around 2-3 hours. I'll be posting a video of the curing process on my Instagram page Come Grill With Me and on my YouTube page so be sure to look out for it.

For a limited time, you can get 10% OFF all products on the Authentic Pizza Ovens website by using 'GRILLSISTERS' at check out. Go to

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