• Grilled Octopus

    Every time I post grilled octopus on one of my social media pages, I always get asked if I boil it. My answer? No. Why? Well, I think it tastes better when it isn't boiled prior to hitting the grill. Pre-boiling will not guarantee a tender and tasty grilled octopus. It'll guarantee a tasteless one. I know there will be lots of people (who boil) that may not agree but I think it's time they tried grilling it my way. Then decide.

  • Roast Beef With Red Wine Marinade

    This is my red wine marinade recipe featuring Yering Station Shiraz Viognier. As featured by Yering Station. Yering Station is Yarra Valley's first vineyard, located in the 'heart' of the Yarra Valley, only one hour’s drive from Melbourne.