My 8 Tips For Fall Off The Bone Roast Lamb

Cooking a moist and tasty roast lamb using a BBQ (or an oven), that falls off the bone every time isn't as hard as it may seem. Follow my tips and you'll be including a low and slow roast lamb on the menu every Sunday. Why not start a family tradition! I still remember riding my bike around the neighbourhood as a child on weekends and smelling the amazing aroma of my mum's roast lamb cooking. To this very day, it warms my heart and brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

A Lamb Roast cooked using a BBQ requires the 'Low and Slow' method. It needs low heat (around 250f) and for as long as is required to cook. You definitely need time and patience. You'll need to allow around 60 minutes per 500 grams of lamb. I love cooking low and slow on a Sunday whilst I prepare for my week ahead.

Which Cut To Roast?

1. Lamb Shoulder is the easiest cut to cook and has more fat than a lamb leg. It won’t dry out as easily if overcooked. Try and buy your shoulder with the bone in as it stays even more moist. Keep in mind that it’s great for shredding and fall off the bone lamb but not ideal for carving.

roast lamb 02
This lamb shoulder is from Ashburton Meats in Melbourne, Australia

2. Make sure you allow the lamb to reach room temperature. I like to leave mine out for an hour before cooking. It will give you a more even cook.

3. Marinate overnight if you have time.

Use your favourite commercial rub (I like to use Barbecue Mafia's Mary Had A Little Lamb Rub or Pit Brothers BBQ Lamb Rub).

You can also use ~ extra virgin olive oil, salt, dried oregano and make 2cm slits in your roast to add garlic cloves. Rosemary or thyme work too if you don’t like dried oregano. It's a simple marinade but one my family has used ever since I can remember.

roast lamb 03

4. Cook indirectly on your BBQ (I start with one chimney full of charcoal) 250f - 275f for 5 hours. If cooking indoors, 150c for 4-5 hours in an oven.

roast lamb 04I like to use Firebrand BBQ Charcoal and their chimney.

5. Using a BBQ, leave your roast unwrapped for the first hour. You’ll get an amazing colour. Wrap in foil for an extra 4 hours.

roast lamb 05 

6. Baste every 30 minutes (yes you have to unwrap gently every time) with a mix of olive oil, minced garlic, dried oregano and lemon juice.

roast lamb 06

7. Remove your lamb shoulder from the BBQ when the internal temp reaches 96c (205f) or earlier only if it’s falling off the bone when you have that sneaky look.

8. Rest your shoulder for at least 20 minutes in the foil it cooked in prior to serving.

roast lamb 07My Shredded Lamb Shoulder

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