• International Pizza Day! YES! It's a thing!

    I must confess that I'm not a huge fan of International 'Food of some type' Day. Except when it comes to PIZZA!! I could probably eat pizza daily if given the chance, sadly I don't (wish there was an emoji I could use for a very, very sad face). However, I am eating it for the second weekend in a row only because I have a new wood fired pizza oven in my collection made by Authentic Pizza Ovens that is so easy to use.

  • Perfect Pizza Dough

    I often go on little (well they end up being big) foodie adventures to master methods of foods I've loved my whole life. Recently, all I could think about was perfecting my pizza dough. Seriously, I'd drive to work thinking of my ingredients, I'd research on my work lunch break what the perfect pizza meant in Napoli, Italy and I'd be thinking of the perfect toppings as I drifted off to sleep at night.