• 15 Minute Rice - A Yummy Side

    This 15 minute rice was one of the first sides I ever learnt how to make as a child. I think it was my mother who taught me. Growing up, my family didn't have a lot of money. My amazing single mother worked three jobs to provide for my three sisters and I. Thinking back now, it was a blessing in disguise. We learnt how to cook using simple 'staples' and turned them into tasty dishes.

  • Burrata with Grilled Red Peppers and Chimichurri

    My Burrata Cheese with Grilled Red Peppers & Chimichurri is the perfect appetiser for any event…. especially the AFL Grand Final or even Bathurst 1000! It can be made the day before and arranged on a plate the day of. Burrata is a cheese oozing with cream and curd called stracciatella and it has an outer shell made of mozzarella. Grilled red peppers are perfect with this luscious starter that can be enjoyed by 3-4 people. You’ll wish you doubled the recipe when you try it! It’s absolutely heavenly!

    I used my Ziegler and Brown Triple Grill BBQ with the grill grate from Barbeques Galore.

  • Grilled Camembert with Caramelised Onion & Rosemary

    My grilled Camembert with Caramelised Onion & Rosemary is every cheese lovers dream. It’s gooey, scrumptious and so indulgent! Cooked using a BBQ (I used my Ziggy Twin Elite BBQ from Barbeques Galore), it’s the quick and easy secret to entertaining. Or the perfect way to end the week paired with your favourite glass of wine.